Bamboo Knee High Painkillers Socks (FOAM SEWN IN)

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BAMBOO? Painkillers take things to the next level with mildew resistant bambbo fabric throughout the entire sock. FP MFG Painkillers socks are embedded with Fluid X in the shin and ankle bone areas to protect from shinners… FluidX is a unique type of memory foam that becomes firm when impacted therefore allowing the socks to be comfortable and form fitting like a normal sock while still being very protective.

– Quality construction for lasting durability

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 35.56 × 25.4 × 15.24 cm
EU Men's Size (For women's add 2)

Large (M 42.5-48.5), One Size Fits All 6-13, Small (6-9)



19 reviews for Bamboo Knee High Painkillers Socks (FOAM SEWN IN)

  1. Emcee

    The design is cool very comfortable and verry cheap

  2. EManuel Munoz


  3. Austin Steyer

    Cool as shit!!!

  4. Stefan Rodriguez

    Overall I really like these socks apart from a few minor details. I wear an 8.5 Vans size and these socks were a bit snug on me. As they stretch, the artwork fades and distorts a bit. Regardless these are very comfortable and attractive socks. Definitely a conversation starter! Just be weary if you have big feet

  5. Jesse willenburg

    Very cool socks help a lot only problem is the shin pad bunches up and looks like you have tumors. And no stickers what the hell.

  6. Liz

    My son skates every day & he’s very happy with these socksl. Thanks for a hassle free quality purchase!

  7. Matthew Schnapp

    Ultimate protection and comfort for skateboarding. Protects ankle and full length of the shin.

  8. Caleb

    they work great the only thing is the sizes are wrong it’s 6-9 not 6-10 so if you wear 9.5 get the bigger size.

  9. Tyler

    Awesome!!! Had a great session today. Got hit in the shins, and it didn’t hurt.

  10. Patrick

    I used to have fear of shinners ruining my progression. Painkillers give me the confidence to try new flip tricks without the constant bruising. The flips for days!

  11. Michael H

    I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using these socks. I’m soo glad the came out with Knee high painkillers, I used to buy extra painkillers, cut off the tops, and slip those on up to below my knees to get the same effect as the knee highs. You still feel pain when you hit your shins, but the skin doesn’t get broken. No more daily painful showers after skating.

  12. Philip Zehler

    These socks are great I hit my shin and ankle bone and didn’t have any problems afterwards love love love these things!!!

  13. Henry Garcia

    Starting off with the knee high painkillers, they certainly do the job of preventing ankle and shin bruises, however, I just wish they went all the way up to my knees. I was expecting the guard to prevent my first hit on my shin, but my board hit just an inch shy above where the guard ends from the top. Suffice it to say, they do an excellent job of those nasty ankle hits. For the insole, Gamechangers, it took one skate session to adapt to them. They definitely do the job of preventing my feet from the pain I usually feel after an hour long session at the skatepark. I have flat feet and my feet bruise and swell very easily. I’m happy and very satisfied with these insoles!

  14. Jose

    This are amazing they work can feal the inpoct but not the pain they prevent shiners and other bruises and swelling

  15. Krystal Esparza

    These socks are the best thing I’ve ever owned, from day one I put em to the test and slammed the shit out of my shins several times skating a picnic bench and didn’t even have a bruise after the session. Does still hurt a bit if you hit yourself hard enough, but not NEARLY as bad, and I’ve yet to get a bruise or scar from any slams since I’ve had these. I’ve put em through about 6 months of skating and they are still PERFECT. The material is very resilient, I’ve torn through my jeans plenty of times while wearing these and never tore the socks. Even when wearing shorts I have not ruined them. They’re easy to clean since they can be washed with your regular clothes so no special maintenance is required. Reeeaally wish I had these socks 10 years ago. I would have been spared from expensive hospital visits, stitches and soooo much pain.

  16. Myles Timothy

    These socks are awesome! I can fully commit to any skate trick and be confident that If the board hits either my ankle or shin I will be protected, plus they feel and look awesome!

  17. alexej

    cool socks! 3 pairs for this price! it is really profitable if you consider what you can prevent… skate boarding is suppose to be fun! however, shiners are one of the biggest enemies of it… this is the perfect solution say far well to all kind of injuries on your feet

  18. EManuel Munoz


  19. Chas

    These socks are something I refuse to skate without. No more shinners from flat ground tricks. The only thing left exposed is the Achilles lol.

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